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Which kpop idols appearence has made the biggest change/ improvement this year?

Definatley Minzy no doubt for me, i mean even AKP is constantly making articals on how she is 'mature' looking hand 'elegant' and 'femmini e'

Seriously if you lool at her recent twitter pics, youll see how much she has matured, she is super pretty, and ivw always thought she was pretty( not the prettiest) but this year she jas matured so much and now i think she is one of the prettiest idols, also, shes growb into the curvy body she was blessed with as well as hee huge eyes and pouty lips. Just look up Minzy mature akp and you' ll see :)!

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    Minzy for sure. I saw the recent article of her on allkpop and almost thought it wasn't her. For minor a change, Himchan of B.A.P went from a blonde to having black hair. He became more mature looking just from a hair colour change.

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    Matured physically or mentally?

    I HAVE noticed a lot of articles on Minzy lately.

    She's always been my favorite out of 2ne1 too.

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    I saw her latest photo that she posted on her twitter account.

    I didn't recognize her.


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