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How should I react to a stereotype (politely)?

People think that just because I'm Mexican that I'm a stupid little bean eater. Foremost, I'm not even tan, or an immigrant, I was born here (US). Some stereotypes include, I'm lazy, cheap, uneducated, ok with living in a squalid hovel, never wanting to excell in life. All wrong, lazy? I'm studying to become a neurologist, uneducated? When I'm bored I grab a dictionary & study new words to try to increase my vocabulary. I'm flutent in 3 languages & learning a new one.. I'm reading "The Grand Design" out of pure longing for knowledge. People that don't know me believe I have a blatant demeanor, I find this repugnant. Call me peevish but this is the only subject that I get touchy, mostly because people judge someones mien in two seconds. In your opinion, how can I respond politely to a inappropriate comment? This doesn't happen often, only like 3 times in the last couple of years.

PS it's not only for me, I have a friend who is from a small town & has a somewhat country accent & merely that puts him on the spot to being called a dumb hillbilly.

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    Ah yes, the ole stupid latino/a thing.

    Why react to it at all? You're obviously a great example of a Mexican. Continue being a great example so that when you do run across an ignorant person, simply correct them with any stereotypical question or statement they have or make. People think what they either have experienced or heard. When they meet someone who's the polar opposite of what they expect, something fires off in their head. "Hmm, so they're not all like that"

    So, shrug it off and continue to not only be a great example of a Mexican but a great example of an American! I'm multicultural and I don't know ANYONE like you. Asian, white, latino or black. So, take pride. :)

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    I would just be rude back. Tell them that you don't have time for their ignorance since you have to study for your classes. At least you can say you are getting ahead in life. I'm sure they are just putting other people down because they are unemployed or can't find a job and that's the only way they can feel good about themselves.

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    Ignorance? In America? What are you, some sort of science fiction writer?

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    Say to them " you are too shitstupid to listen to, so ***** off".

    Why waste time being polite to people like that?

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    just say "know your facts before you judge someone." that should shut them up.

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    just ignore them and dont take it too seriously, just show them that u dont give a **** of wat they think cuz in the end they will never change. you dont need to be polite with them cuz they dont deserve it.

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