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How should a 16 year old act? My step mom treats me like I'm a 25-year old who never grew up!?

I am 16 1/2.

My stepmom says I don't look 16, I agree, but I DO look every bit of 15.

She acts like I look 10, and I DON'T.

She is always telling me I should get a job and a car.

(My real mom won't let me get a job until I'm 18 idk why)

She's ALWAYS saying I'm too old for this and that.

I don't think I act or look any younger than people in my school.

But she always makes me feel like I'm childish.

Why does the dumb b*tch do that?

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    Typical stepmother behaviour. She wants to put you down in every way because you aren't her child and she can probably say whatever she wants and get away with it. When you ttell your dad he probably won't believe you. You don't need to get a job and you can't get a car anyway. I'd just ignore it. Seriously, this is something you shouldn't need to worry over. Do what the hell you like (as long as it isn't stupid). I mean, what can you do that's so childish? As long as no one else says that, then you should be fine. And even if they do, who gives a ****, just do it.

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    9 years ago

    When your Step Mom acts HER AGE, then worry about it. Obviously you are fretting about someone who never grew up and probably had a Sister she could never get along with.

    Be yourself and enjoy being "sweet sixteen"'ll be fine. Peace.

  • Anonymous
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    Maybe she just wishes you would grow up so u would leave the house. After all, she didn't marry you, she married your father. so just try to disregard her. or maybe start acting 25 around her. just to get her to shut up.

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