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Best brand of hair dye for neon green hair?


I used splat for my blue hair and it came out within 2 weeks (it's gray now :P) I'm using the green to cover that up & yes i did bleach it b4 i died it blue.

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    If they still sell a brand called Punky Colors I would go with that one. Very deep color and doesn't fade out very quickly. Make sure to bleach it blonde first if not already blonde.

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    Splat! is a good brand, i dyed my hair a really cool looking deep vibrant purple from them ^.^

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    splat hair color works really well and you can get it at wallmart/k-mart i used the teal, it doesn't color over well tho, so if you think you may not like it, dont do it lol i had a teal peek-a-boo for months

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