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Question about Harry potter and the deathly hallows?

near the end of the movie you find out that professor Snape's patronus charm is the same animal as Lily potter(harry's mother)

why is that?

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    To conjure a patronus you need a happy thought. Usually, maybe in youth, it'll take on a form a lot like you (like an animagus. If you're very loyal, it might be a dog). As you get older and fall in love, your partner is more likely to become your happy thought so your patronus will morph to match theirs (Tonks's became a wolf when she fell in love with Remus).

    Snape never got over Lily, he always loved her. She remained his happy thought. So his patronus matched hers.

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    Snape loved Lily Potter more than anyone else in the world, and just like when Tonks was in love with Remus, but he wouldn't accept her love her patronus turned into a werewolf, Snape's patronus turned into a Doe, the same as Lily's because of his unrequited love of her

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    Because Snape loved Lily Potter more then anyone else.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Snape loved Lily Potter .his relationship..

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    9 years ago

    Snape and lily were able to tell each others feelings. She was supposed to end up with severus not james

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    His patronus was a doe because of his undying love for Lily, even though she chose his enemy over him and even though she had been dead for almost 20 years, he still loved her with all his heart. His loyalty to her is represented by his doe patronus.


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