What are some beauty/ fashion essentials I ABSOLUTELY need to get?!?!?! ?

Hey! I recently cleaned out my closet and I'm looking for new items that I should get! Tell me some Ideas and then tell me what is your favorite item for spring! Thanks!!!

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    Dark wash skinny jeans/jeggings (make sure they fit you well)

    Basic white tops, like v-necks and tank tops

    Button down shirts (printed ones and basic ones)

    Nice jackets (like a blazer jacket, a leather jacket, or a peacoat. Stuff for various occasions.)

    Interesting tops (stuff with prints, ruffles, and/or colors)

    Slacks, AKA fancy pants (for occasions when you have to dress up)

    Skirts (get various lengths, like mini, knee length, and maxi)

    Dresses (same as skirts)

    Tights (get some sheer ones, opaque ones, and textured ones)

    Shoes (this is more personal taste, but it's always nice to have at least one of everything: heels, wedges, flats, flip flops, sneakers, and boots)

    Accessories/jewelry (things like a cool statement necklace or a pretty bag make outfits more interesting. So get some that you really like.)

    Anyways, that's just my opinion on essentials. There are many more essentials. Don't limit yourself to just these. Just get whatever you think is necessary.

    And my favorite item for spring would be a printed maxi dress. There are some very pretty ones, and something about them gives off a free-spirited vibe. A floral printed one would be right on trend. High low dresses are also great. :)

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    Here are some fashion essentials:

    Jeans -

    A must have for every season, depending on your shape - I like skinny jeans the most but other can work well too. If your younger, some really cool things to experiment with are colored jeans. Not everyone is a fan but some people can pull it off SO well! They are fashionable at the moment - but don't buy them if you don't think you'll wear them

    Pants -

    I LOVE white pants in Spring with light and delicate colors and creams. It is very classic and gorgeous on young women. Also, go for some shorts. The ideal short size is mid-thigh. Shot-shorts can be pulled off by some people with different shapes, but fuller, more womanly shapes should stick with 3/4s, I think. But mid-thighs suit everyone.

    Skirts -

    Very cute. Again, depending on your size - you should choose accordingly to your size and length. Short skirts are cute, but do you want attention on your legs or on your face/top? Long skirts are pretty and long, but do you like to show off a bit?

    Denim -

    Denim is awesome. It will never go out of fashion - so anything denim that you like and suits you will be nice.

    Scarfs -

    Scarfs are in at the moment - at you can wear them so many ways and it still looks awesome: Check out Michelle Phan's video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sty2P_m6CdA

    Youtube thumbnail


    Silver nail polish -

    Silver is in at the moment, and silver looks great on anyone and looks very pretty on nails. Very fashionable.

    Yellow clothing -

    Yellow is so in at the moment and looks good as shorts, tops and shoes alike.

    Glasses -

    Glasses are so cute and raybands are coming into fashion quickly. Very cute!

    I hope I helped and happy shopping!

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    *sigh* regrettably, who you're would not rely in severe college. maximum "human beings" are immature and in case you will discover friendly human beings and overlook approximately impolite/immature/judgmental human beings, you would be high-quality. comparable applies to gown. Dressing nicely would not rely in HS. purely get by using it like I did. i'm not asserting I had a foul time, I purely desire to show you how to recognize that for many, severe college can't be whilst in comparison with being a trendy guy or woman strolling down the line in long island or going to a club in Miami. purely get by using it, concentration on grades, don't be previous due over makeup.

  • 9 years ago

    2-3 pairs of well fitting jeans, bootcut or straight, maybe a pair of skinny

    A few blouses, button downs, tank tops, and trendy tops

    Pants- dark colored trousers and khakis

    Shorts- denim, khaki, white denim, patterned, solid color

    Dresses- little black dress, floral/patterned, a few solid color knit or cotton

    Skirts- pencil or A-line, high waisted


    At least one blazer in a neutral color

    Ballet flats, sandals, boots, heels, wedges, and sneakers

    Accessories such as belts, scarves (my favorite accessory), bags, sunglasses, hats?

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