What length of headers?

What is the difference between shorty, mid-length, and long tube headers? Whats loudest? What has best power? What sounds better? Also any reviews on hooker darkside headers or truck shorties?


Well i've got true duals and an H pipe that needs to be put on so i'll be working under there anyways paly the new 6 inch lift will help

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  • 9 years ago
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    Shorty and mid length headers are usually made to bolt up to the stock exhaust system on your vehicle or are just used when you dont have alot of room to play with. Long tube headers will end beneath the vehicle and will have to have an aftermarket mid pipe or y pipe to connect it back to your exhaust. Full length headers usually sound the best when you have tuned headers which are basically just all the primary pipes the same length. Hooker is a well known name brand of headers you will be happy with them!

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