Who would win in a war between NATO and maybe india vs China and Russia?

Do research before answering. Dont say no one lives because we could nuke Russia and China before they get a nuke off. The reason is we have nukes in turkey and could easily launch them.

So this question is a war without Nukes


I dont have time for people who are negative.

So dont comment

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    9 years ago
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    Listen America BY ITSELF could take down India China and Russia.

    Russia and China's only real asset is manpower and india only has slightly better equipment. I mean people truely don't understand how strong an american soldier is. Think of a U.S soldier like iron man and everyone else is a normal soldier. It has been estimated that the expenses that goes into 1 navy seal is worth about the training that goes into about 70 Chinese soldiers.

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    NATO would crush China due to superior air and naval capabilites, then have a short war with Russia and defeat them with more plentiful next gen aircraft and tanks....despite Russia having more tanks, they are very low tech and were developed in the 70's/80's, and it has very few next gen aircraft :) hope that helps

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    NATO because they have more money. US alone spent triple the amount of Russia, China and India combined on defense last year.

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    "because we could nuke Russia and China before they get a nuke off"

    Dead Hand, motherf***er. Do some research yourself.

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    9 years ago

    I have a question for You. Who Cares? Such a war will never happen. Why do you people insist on asking the same flipping question over, and over, and over again and again Every Day....?

    Source(s): Future U.S. Army Airborne - 82nd Airborne Division
  • 9 years ago

    NATO and India would work together.

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