Are twinflames real or just a fantasy people like to believe in?

Is the whole twinflame concept real? do you know anyone who has met their twinflame? what do you believe?

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    9 years ago
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    One of the most important topics of the Messages from God is SoulMates, or the words we prefer, Twin Flames. The Messages have vastly stretched our consciousness about the divine partner and what Love truly is. The Love of SoulMates or Twin Flames, is Love in its highest ideal. The Love between true SoulMates or Twin Flames is deeply felt through the heart of Love as pure, natural, completely trusting, tender and eternal. There are no expectations, demands or needs to be fulfilled from the personality. It is based on spiritual truth and deep inner knowing and is totally unconditional.

    Source(s): circle of light
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    It'a possibility for me. :) idk I think I have. :)

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