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Online Airplane E-Tickets? ?

My mom planes on buying airplane tickets online. If she buys 4 online, how many E-Tickets would she receive in her E-mail? Would it be 4 or one confirmation ticket for all?

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    If she makes one reservation for four people, she will receive one e-mail with one confirmation number. When I booked a flight for my son, his girlfriend, and I to all fly together, there was one number for all of us.

    If she makes four separate reservations, she will receive four e-mails, each with their own confirmation number.

    E-tickets for air travel are not like concert tickets, you don't get a pdf file that you have to print out and take along. All you need is the confirmation number, and to be honest, you don't even have to have that, it just makes checking in a lot quicker and easier.

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