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how much is a 1980's ciöcc road bike worth?

its a blue all original 1980's ciocc.

It has no scratches, original paint,rims,grips,pedals,everything original but i don't know how much its worth thats why i wonderhow much its worth?

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    It really depends which model. The color blue doesn't give enough information.

    If it is a Cristobal Replica (I think all these were grey, but maybe not) and has all the original components and is in fantastic shape a collector may pay upwards of $800 for it BUT there are VERY few collectors of Ciocc (pronounced "church"). On the other hand, if it does NOT have a full Campagnolo Record gruppo and includes some Asian parts such as seat post, stem, or handlebars the value could easily get pushed below $200.

    Condition and equipment is everything. If you provide more details we can provide a better answer.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    hard to say

    market is pretty small

    depends on the model, how 'racy' or high end the bike was

    to get the most money you have to find the exact right buyer

    which can take forever

    or you settle for shorter time and less money


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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