How to make out with an older guy?

he's two year older, 13 and 15, and I haven't made out with any one. hes my best friends brother and we are close and next time im coming over to hang out, we are planning to hookup.any pointers? what to do? do braces make a huge difference? it isn't just a hookup, but I'm not describing our relationship!

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    9 years ago
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    I'm 13 and my boyfriend is one year older.. He was my first makeout aswell. Honestly, it is very easy.. If you have just normally kissed a guy before, this should be no problem.. All you have to do is when you're kissing, open your mouth enough to get your tongue out of your mouth... He will be doing the same thing, so your tongues will be touching. Don't just sit your tongue in one place.. Guys like action. Just move your tongue around his, and every maybe 4 to 5 seconds close your mouth so it's all of the sudden like a normal kiss, but open it again after like 1 second. I was nervous at first, but now i'm used to it, so it doesn't seem like a big deal anymore.. If you really want to get into it, stick your tongue deeply in his mouth each time you put your tongue in his mouth... Most likely he will do the same thing if you do it.. And don't just sit there, do something with your hands.. Maybe wrap your arms around his neck.. What I usually do is put my hands behind his ears and softly rub him there and sometimes play with his hair.. It's your choice on what to do. Sorry if this is really long, but I hope it helped at least a little bit !! Good luck, and have fun with it !

  • 9 years ago

    Haha Same Here ! I'm 13 & My Bf's 15 & We Make Out All the Time .. It's Not As Hard As It Seems .. All Though He Might Have More Experience. Put Your Bottom Lip Between His Lips & Put Your Tongue In Slowly . Simple I Guess .. The First Time I Made Out I Was 12 W/ An 11 Year Old W/ A Mouth That Smelled Like He Has Oral Sex W/ His Cat O.o But Don't Be Worried .. Geeettt It Girl ! ;)

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