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Can I delete a whatsapp message sent to the server, but not yet received on the other persons phone?

I sent a message to the wrong person by accident. Luckily the message has not been received on the other persons phone yet. The outgoing message only has one check, showing that it has been sent to the server but not yet received on the persons phone. If I were to delete it on my phone would that stop it from being received on the other persons phone?

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    no... once sent, it leaves your phone and is stored on the APN text server... when receiver turns phone ON or is out of the deadzone area or outage, the APN will deliver the message....

    sorry... if you delete it, your only deleting the notification and your copy of the sent text... the text is stll on its way

    on a brighter note... you can always post the bad text conversation thread on LOLpics.. LMFAO!!!!

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