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im meeting my girlfriends parents help!?

My parent and her parents and daughter is meeting at mac dont know know how to spell it but im call it I have to meet them I wanna know what to talk about when we we all get to I sit with my girlfriend at a table alone while my parents talk to her parents or do I sit with my parents and talk to them.What do I do at mac with my girlfriend parents. Help!Me and her age

is 14 teen:) and my keyboard is acting dum.

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    Don't worry, I'm sure its okay. This is all you need to do. First of all, be as courteous as you can. Be sweet, and charming. Feel free to talk to her parents. Dont get all cozy with her, that will be really awkward. Be appreciative for everything. Also, offer to help out with anything. Im just guessing you're going to eat dinner or something? If not, but anyway, if you want more advice, feel free to email me. if you tell me where you are meeting them, I'll have plenty more to tell you.

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    Sit with ur parents and talk to them. When u meet her parents shake her dads hand like a man and show respect. Don't show fear cuz then he'll think ur a punk. Do the same with her mom and smile buy not too much. Make up a good convo by talking about things like how great it is too meet them. Tell then about yourself and remember. Act like a man but not so much that u can tell ur faking. Hope this helps.

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    I don't envy you. That's why dating is not recommended at that age.

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