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I play rec. softball and I'm in my preteens. My coach is unfair. What do I do?

My coach always has her daughter (let's call her Becca) play and she's never sat on bench all season. I have to sit usually 2 innings per game. My coach has 5 players that have never sat out, including Becca. Me and about 5 other girls alternate for bench (2 or 3 at a time). At the beginning of the season, I played catcher which I really liked and shortstop which I also liked. Becca for some reason hates me which makes no sense cause we've never had even the slightest disagreement. After about the fourth game, my coach had me stop playing catcher and shortstop and had me sit on bench even more. She also moved me to last in batting order. I'm not lying, I'm actually pretty good a softball. I mean, I should be like 5th for batting order!! Now the only positions I play are 2nd and outfield. I like second, but since this is rec, outfield is the most boring position because no one ever hits the ball out there. I want to speak up, but I'm afraid she'll have me play even less. What should I do?

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    there's really nothing you can do about it, until you have a coach that is only interested in winning you'll have to either tough it out and hang in there, or quit, honestly rec ball isn't worth it, just practice, practice, practice, then show up for middle school and high school tryouts!

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    Hate to break it to u but the coach's kids always get first priority in many leagues. U need to respectfully ask to be played more and don't mention how others get more playing time then you.

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    If you're in your preteens you shouldn't be here. Minimum age is 13.

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    stop playing the roll of victim

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