do i need a router to connect my hp wireless printer to my computer?

I went to the store and the one who sold me a hp photomart 5510 wireless printer told me I didn't need a router to connect it to my computer,( the printer already had the chip in it) but when I got home, as much as tried,(trying all the options) I couldn't get it to work. What I'm I doing wrong because 'help' keeps asking me about a router.

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    9 years ago
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    Do you have a wireless network? The wireless network device, e.g. router, is the central point in the wireless network.

    Additional: a router is not the only device that creates a wireless network. You do need something to act as a wireless access point, but it can be something besides a router. That said, I do like routers because of the firewall capabilities that are built into the good ones. I use D-Link brand exclusively. Linksys is the most common brand, but I stopped using them when I got four defective ones in a row. One customer of mine wouldn't believe me, he is on his third one because they keep failing.

  • 9 years ago

    The wireless printer has to be connected to your network. How? Wirelessly, just like your laptop would connect wirelessly to your router. So you do need a wireless enabled router for this. If the guy at the store told you that a router was not needed, he is wrong. A router is needed and moreover it has to be a wireless router.

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