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who has the ip rights of the work if the company did not give compensation?

i did many hours of work for a company 3 years before. compensation was many things including stocks. completed the project. but company did not give me any compensation.

i gave warning not to use the work. company did not listen and continued to use my work and making profit. then sold it to another company. product value has gone up over the years.

i sued the company in the court recently for ip rights, now company claims i don't have the ip rights because contract says i have to give all the copyrights for the compensation. they argue i should fight only for the compensation and not for the ip rights.

who has the ip rights if compensation for the work is not given even though the contract says ip rights belong to company for the compensation?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    if its in the contract then the company has the ip rights, however if u havent recieved compensation which is said in the contract then you may sue them for that.

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