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How should I deal with this?

I just found out that my friend likes the same guy as me although she has a boyfriend and she knew that I've liked him for a long time. She's liked other guys while she's been dating her boyfriend and she has told me that she has wanted to kiss other guys while dating her boyfriend. She flirts with him in class in front of me and I only found out after I guessed it and another friend told me the truth. She doesn't know that I know and I don't want to ruin the friendship but it's awkward when she starts talking about him in front of me. I found out from her that there was no one in the year that he liked and that there was this really pretty girl that he always make outs with at every party they're at together so he has a thing for her but she still thinks he secretly likes her.

I've heard from several friends that he has no interest in her and he is just being nice when she flirts with him. Also he 'invited' her to his birthday party but he meant it as a joke but she took it seriously and then she started going on about it for the whole day which was even more awkward.

She's really fun to be around and she's a great person and I really don't want to ruin the friendship but I was planning on telling him that I liked him soon and it would make things really awkward between us. Also I don't really want to get over him because she has a boyfriend but I'm pretty sure she would dump him if the guy told her that he liked her.


Edit: I think she told her boyfriend that she liked another guy and they had a fight but they are still together. They've been going out for 7 months now.

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    Your friend sounds like drama if she knows u liked the guy and she has a boyfriend why didn't she back off ?? She doesn't sound like a good friend only a slit would want to get with other guys while she has a man and the guy u like so I would tell him and if she doesn't like it who cares and if she stops being your friend she wasn't ever really your true friend

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    If she knows that you like him then it should not be awkward between you two cause sounds to me like she doesn't know what she wants (Being with one guy and wanting/flirting with other guys). This shouldn't stop you from telling the guy you like him.

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