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My ears pop all the time?

So my ears pop ALL the time. Whenever I swallow or even just move my jaw or tense the muscles below my ears. This started a year ago and we went to a doctor and then to an ENT and they didn't do pretty much anything. The ENT put me on claratin and said that there wasn't anything wrong with my ears. Nothing got better or anything and my ears build up pressure to I hold my nose and blow so they pop and ease that pressure. So now, a year later, my left ear is a lot worse. When it pops the pressure doesn't go away and everything I hear out of it is muffled. I started taking claratin again but it still hasent done anything. Sometimes I get really bad pain in my left ear or ringing in both of them. What should I do? What is this? People have similar problems on here and say that the doctors have done nothing for them. Uuunggghhhh. Thanks for any advice or anything helpful.

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    I thinkyou need to go and see your ENT specialist.

    There is a fine tube that runs from the middle ear to the back of the throat called the 'Eustachian tube' and this becomes blocked by this sticky fluid, or mucus.

    This in turn leads to a pressure build up in the ear which is released when you talk, swallow, blow your nose or eat. This is why your ears pop.

    Sometimes people suffering from ETD get crackling noises in their ears or deafness.

    An antihistamine is a standard treatment to relieve the congestion in the nasal lining that is probably causing your problem.

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    Try sudafed or a decongestant when you have exacerbations, an antihistamine is only going to work if the drainage problem is due to allergies. A decongestant can help reduce the inflammation in the tube that drains your ear, allowing it to drain better. It will probably take a few days to work though, and might initially get a little worse as things start draining again. Also, try drinking water instead of holding your nose and blowing - sometimes that works a little better.

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