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Kellen Moore goes undrafted by 32 nfl teams? Mistake?

I say undoubtedly yes. His td/int ratio should have spoken for himself in a pro style offense, not a spread or run and gun. Oh yeah and he lost 3 games in 4 years. Oh yeah and he was at his best against the games elite, (Oregon, Virginia tech etc.) do you agree that the scouts took his height to seriously and didnt give enough credit to his accomplishments? Where would he still be a good fit?

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    Ya, and now the Lions get to reap the benefits. Honestly, if you throw out the stats, he's still a pretty damn good QB. He has accuracy comparable to RG3 and fantastic anticipation of routes and backs. The arm strength isn't fantastic but better than credited and size isn't a strong argument since Drew Brees isn't affected by it.

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    He wasn't in the draft. yet whether he replaced into he would not have long gone very severe. His arm capability is pathetic, he's a lot too small and performs in an offense that would not require him to make something on the part of an NFL throw. He additionally performs on an exceptionally proficient group in between the weakest conferences in the FBS. he's the definition of a device QB. Drew Brees is considered small, yet even he has a reliable couple inches and 20 or so kilos on Moore. I propose purely watch his tape. maximum folk of this throws are to receivers working slants, displays and different short, severe proportion routes.

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    LOL, you must be a fellow Boisean! I was disappointed as well, but not surprised; I think our lack of "big" competition at BSU has been a factor for NFL teams when evaluating us. The consensus has also been that he's too short, and lacks the arm strength for the NFL. Glad to see he did get an offer, though, and that six of the eight Broncos got drafted this weekend as well. I haven't seen that Shoemaker got an offer yet, but I haven't been looking either (he would be the last remaining Bronco from the draft).

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    Kellen is now signed to the lions.

    and it can be a mistake.

    Arian Foster, Tony Romo, and Most kickers were undrafted. Theres more too.

    but it depends how he does. Maybe you can think back to yourself about this in a year and tell me if hes successful in the NFL or not.

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    Pros: Won football games

    Cons: Undersized, very weak arm, played against inferior competition on a weekly basis, horrible throwing motion, not very athletic at all, doesn't have the best mechanics, played in system that covered the weakness'.

    Best choice all 32 teams could of possible made.

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    If I was a team that needed a qb I would of took him in the 5th round or later. But like others have said he is going to the Lions and we all know Stafford cant stay healthy so he will get his shot this year.

  • Considering the Packers and their incredible track record drafting quarterbacks thought BJ Coleman was the better prospect, I'll say there's no mistake. Height is actually a pretty big deal, if you can't see over the defensive line and linebackers, how are you supposed to see your open receivers?

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    He will tryout and will get cut.

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    he was signed by the lions calm your b0ner

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