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Will I outgrow masturbation?

I'm 14 and I masturbate once a day.

I am not proud of it.

It has been bothering me for years, and every day I try to quit but it is so difficult.

Say what you want about religion, but it has been destroying my relationship with God, and it has kept me from doing the more productive things I want to accomplish in my life.

It has made my parents feel more awkward around me.

I know that sexual, social, mental, and maybe physical problems are ahead of me if I keep it up.

I was doing some independent thinking and I thought I would eventually outgrow it after puberty, and maybe if I am happily married sometime afterwards.

Have other men had other experiences of outgrowing this.

Any tips on quitting?

Thanks everybody. I appreciate all answers.

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    It's good you're thinking ahead. I know some people are shooting down your thinking, but hold to what you think and believe.

    It's not something really that can easily be outgrown. It will actually easily become an addiction, especially if it's been happening for a while. Quitting takes a lot of effort, time, patience, and dedication.

    I recommend going to bed early, staying away from pornography, meditation, patience with yourself, a friend or family member you trust to check up on you every day. A journal of your successes and failures can help, too. If you really want to overcome it and quit, you're gonna have to change your lifestyle a bit. It really isn't easy. The urges might be natural, but you're spot on about how it'll affect your life down the road. Trust me on that one. Just remember to be patient with yourself. That's the hardest part. Need anything, drop me a line, I can elaborate more on those ideas. They do work, that I know myself.

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    I'm a mother of two sons, just so you know who is answering.

    Masturbation is a perfectly normal part of growing up and a young guy needs to experience this release. Once a day is normal, sometimes more. Every young man your age is going through this, and it doesn't have to be a bad experience or leave you feeling guilty. Think about it, you're not hurting anyone else... it's a personal and private experience. One that GOD provided, by the way.

    Who on earth told you that physical, social and mental problems are the result of masturbating? Whoever it was doesn't know a thing about the nature of human beings. We are, by nature, sexual creatures. This is why we are here "to go forth and multiply"..... and the ONLY reason we are here!! Same for all of the other animals on the planet (many male animals masturbate, just so you know). Meanwhile, you may not be of age to have a child by social standards yet, but your body has certainly awakened and is preparing you for the time you will be with a woman.

    Your parents masturbated too!! If you dad didn't masturbate when he was a teen, then he walked around with a hard on all day long.... please, he did it and your mom likely did too. In fact, your father probably still masturbates once in a while... it's normal, it's natural, and just because he's married doesn't mean sex is always available. Men need to have an ejaculation frequently -- everyone is different on how often they need to do this. If it were THAT BAD, then every man on the planet would be hanging his head in shame.

    If you feel the need to masturbate, do it. It is a private and personal thing, and you are harming no one else by doing it.... Afterwards, you don't have to think about it anymore. Go find something else to do. Socialize with friends or family, exercise, do some chores, whatever you do in your daily life.

    Women masturbate too, although most of us not as frequently as men. A man's body is producing sperm and the fluids need to get out some way.... hence, the natural urge for a release through masturbation.

    You will be fine.

    In this life the most important things to remember are to live in the moment, be kind and compassionate toward others.

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    Masturbation is a natural urge, and the fact that your only doing it once a day when ur right in the middle of puberty and your hormones are raging, shows great restraint on your part. And like everything else in life you do things in moderation, as long as your not missing out on your life because your busy masturbating, then you don't have to worry. As long as your a good person and do the right thing god will always love you. Don't feel bad and don't let it affect your life in a negative way. Feel free to email me at navi2884@gmail.com if you have anymore questions

    Source(s): If I'm not mistaken the bible doesn't really talk about masturbation, I think it's just one verse or something like that
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    believe it or not, masturbation is healthy. its a great release for your teenage body. i dont think you should stop, but there are ways to decrease your hormones. try eating more apples, the fruit helps to decrease in hormones (not by a lot though, apples aren't miracles). also, i find that when you want to stop doing something, you should stick to the 3-day plan. basically, if you can go through 3 whole days without masturbating, you will feel the need to do it anymore. you wont even be thinking about it. i know it sounds far-fetched, but this plan works for smokers (but there addiction is so bad, most of them cant last), and unhealthy habitual eaters.

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    To claim it's destroyed your relationship with God, is utter ignorance, superseded only by the arrogance of such a statement.

    Do you honestly think that if He didn't like it, He'd have to wait till you were dead before confronting you and doing something about it? A creator who continues to create entire Universes all the time, can't prevent a 14 y.o. kid from jerking it... come on, give yourself and God some credit, please.

    Here's something to ponder: what you resist, persists, intensifies. What you look at, disappears.

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    Its naturally to masturbate. But I see where you're coming from. Just don't think about it, and when you're excited do some thing else to keep your mind off it. Its gonna be hard, but its all about patience. Hope this help.

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    There is no point trying to quit. Everyone does it including your religious friends and family. Even if you manage to stop you will start ejaculating in your sleep. Can't avoid it and it's unhealthy to hold it in.

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    Only Tim Tebow can help you now my son.

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