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i like him a lot, what do i do?

so im a freshman in hs and i really like this guy. we've been txting for like 7 months now and we finally met for the first time about 2 weeks ago. we've only been friends up until the day before we met when he told me he liked me...i never thought of him like that until i met him and when i met him i fell for him. hes a senior( yes i know everybody hes 3 years older but idc) and really cute. about 2 days after we meet he called me and said "i like you and u like me, and i want to be with u but i leave to go to ny right after graduation and im never coming back so i don't want to start a relationship and just leave"(we live in va fyi) and im like ok its fine even though i still like him. so i tryed to move on and my rebound was a jackassand i dumped him. but yesterday me and the guy met up where we first met before at the school and he held me and then he kissed me( this was my first kiss so it was a big deal) and we made out for a few minutes and hhugged and stuff until our lunch was over and now i cant stop thinking about him and i want to be in a relationship even if it is only is for a short time....what do u think i should do???????? this is also my first relationship problem


he knows i like him and i just really want him to ask me out but he wont:(

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    Tell him you like him back and live in a castle happily ever after.

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