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An electron projected at high velocity perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field describes which path?

the options are: 1. a circle

2. a circle with increasing radius

3. a circle with decreasing radius

4. a straigt line

please do give an explanation

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    The answer is 1. a circle with constant radius ...

    Since the force exerted by the magnetic field is perpendicular to the direction of

    motion of the electron, it will only change the direction of the velocity of the electron ..

    ... there is no component of the magnetic force along the direction of the velocity of the

    electron so the speed of the electron will not change ... acceleration perpendicular to

    the direction of the velocity without change in speed is the principal characteristic of

    uniform circular motion ...

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    D) A right away line parallel to the container. clarification: the answer is contained in the question. in simple terms imagine a charged particle being released contained in the magnetic container between to plates. The plates are charged sensible (bottom) and detrimental (correct). The all of us comprehend the magnetic container's direction is sensible to detrimental. Now the particle isn't particular as detrimental or sensible, so we do not comprehend if it is going left or excellent, yet all of us comprehend it really is in contact in between the plates. (- charged plate) _______________________ ^ ^ | (direction of magnetic container) | ________________________ (+ charged plate)

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