Should i go to UC Irvine or UC Santa Cruz?

Please read the full thing. I need to decide by tomorrow and im so confused.

I live in the bay area and ucsc is like 2 hours away. Im not a smoker and a lot of people there do weed but not everyone. I like how its more diverse than irvine. Irvine is 50% asian and although i am half asian im not sure id want to be around all asians. Its also 7 hours away and i have a feeling that i will not want to stay there because i might get home sick. I also dont really like so cal but i like the irvine campus better than santa cruz's. SC is in the middle of the forest and i like nature but im worried ill get sick of the trees. Im not super liberal, and ucsc is very liberal i heard. Both have my major so im just considering the social life and atmosphere of both schools right now. Im so scared of making the wrong decision. Please give me your advice. Im not sure if im basing my decision off of the right things

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  • 9 years ago
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    Definitely go with Irvine. Santa Cruz is wonderful for what it is but if that's not your cup of tea, than what's the point. Irvine is nothing like Santa Cruz, and I am sure would be a much better fit. Also, Orange County is big, with all sorts of stuff to do and Irvine is still very close close to the beach. Laguna is about 20 minutes, Newport 10-15. Also John Wayne Airport is right there and you're home in 50 minutes, so, in a way, it's closer than SC. There is a gang of Asians at UCI but outside of campus that changes immediately. You'll have a way better time in Irvine and fit in far more easily than Santa Cruz. It's truly the best choice for you.

    Source(s): I've lived in both places.
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    What are you majoring in? what career do you want to pursue? you should also base your decision on the academics of each school. You are not a perfect match for UCSC, but that doesn't mean you won't fit in. UCSC is diverse and you will probably fit in somewhere. UCSC is in the forest and it tends to be foggy and wet. Its kind of isolated and a few miles away from downtown santa cruz. UC Irvine is a commuter school so it is pretty quite on the weekends. There aren't many parties either(if you were wondering).Being homesick is normal and most people adjust to college in a few months. If you think you will be extremely homesick at UCI then don't go because it will be hard to enjoy college and do well in your classes.

    Here are some forums that may answer your questions:

    Source(s): Will be a freshman at UCSB
  • 9 years ago

    Almost everything you wrote seems to be in favor of Irvine and the distance will not be a problem if you live near an airport with direct service to Irvine. I did not understand the ethnicity issue. It never bothered me at universities where almost all students were members of my group. Who cares?

    Santa Cruz is hippie heaven. You will not like it at all. You will have more adjustment issues at Santa Cruz than at Irvine, especially if you have a professor who is a Communist, or even just four professors in a quarter who are extreme leftists. You will also likely be the most politically conservative person in your classes and your dorm.

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