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Are there any good single women left in this world?

Im serious it seems damn near impossible to find a good faithful kindhearted caring woman these days where did they all go? Ive been looking and still havent found one yet. Im 24 years old and life is getting short I wanna find a woman I can be with for life and start a family with.

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    stop looking!

    enjoy having a single life.

    Take up hobbies, spend as much time with your friends as you can, and enjoy life.

    Once you have a really fun single life the girl will just come naturally because you won't be looking for someone to settle with just one day a girl will walk into your life that makes your awesome life so much better

    looking is where you really screw yourself up being to analytical or too willing to settle.

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    I know a few nice girls. I myself am a girl. I'm so happy I found my hubby when I did we met in high school and got married when we both were 19. November of this year we will be married three years. It scares me to think about not having him in my life and what it would be like playing the dating field and meeting somebody who is half decent. It is hard for some girls to find a guy who doesn't stare at boobs and has respect for a girl, and who is faithful and kindhearted. For me morals mean alot. And now days those have pretty much gone out the window sad to say, but keep your chin up and keep searching the perfect girl is out there somewhere waiting just for you =)

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    Just look around you better, open your eyes! With that attitude you are chick repellent!!! No joke!! Go out, have fun, be kind, make the most of your life! Along the way I'm sure you will have plenty of choices.

    Hope I helped!!!


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    youngster, i'm 40 8 and that i've got not been with a brilliant form of girls human beings yet fortunate adequate to be with appropriate, smart ones. whilst i substitute into your age, i wanted to nail each and every thing that moved. It substitute into properly after the age of 20 that i ultimately made the passage into "manhood". I nonetheless to at present time have on no account quite gotten plenty admire in any respect from them. yet i will inform you some thing genuine. that's to not circulate get a job the place they may be or connect a dating internet site. What i've got achieved for the period of my life that i comprehend has quite worked. that's to speak to that distinctive one like a popular man or woman, your sister, brother, or whoever. and you will compliment them yet do not make a fool of your self for her. If she's quite worth it, she'll see the sturdy in U. do not think of that because of the fact a woman is captivating or appropriate that she's suitable. U are not, i'm not & no one else in this earth is. i've got been with the aid of a brilliant form of heartache and desire that i ought to offer advice to help U. i comprehend the way it feels once you sense invisible. the different concern that i've got found out as i've got lived is which you do not would desire to sense like U R inadequate considering which you're a virgin. Society presses plenty on you that think approximately to be in contact with somebody. i comprehend a TON of folk not plenty older than you who thought that they married the "miraculous" one. properly the humorous tale's on them because of the fact not purely did they not yet they have been given divorced and youngsters have been in contact. What my advice to U is to get involved in some thing you like. And enable them to comprehend that U R powerful. not something irritates a woman greater advantageous than whilst she believes she's all that and U do not provide her a 2d seem, even nonetheless each and every hormone on your physique is in a position to blow up. purely be your self, that's a coarse international available in maximum situations besides dating. sturdy luck!

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    Yes, there definitely are. Make sure you're looking in the right places. At your age, though, they could still be in the "I like bad-boys" phase, or they could still be focusing on establishing a career or finishing up college/grad school.

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    No, there never was. Women evolved to like jerks, to be manipulative, to be difficult, to test you.

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    MAN, I can't find any either! When you do, ask her if she has a sister and get back to me!

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    You're looking in the wrong places, and maybe acting in the wrong ways.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes, but they are a rare find.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What's the rush?

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