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Has anyone else given up on love?

I know I have. The more I look for it, the more disappointed I get. And what's the point of love anyways? Is it worth all the heartbreak and tears? Maybe I've just run into only bad men my whole life because of my luck, but it feels like everytime I put my heart out there for a guy, he just takes it and crushes it to death :/

I'm 20 by the way, and I think it sucks that I've already given up on love.

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    I feel the exact same way as you. All the guys I've liked have been total jerks, taken, gay, ball-less and wont talk to you let alone ask you out, or just not someone you would consider dating.

    Example, this one guy dates my friend, breaks her heart and lies to her then gets mad when she dumps him, then makes moves on my other friend (also friends with the first one I mentioned) and causes this huge fight between the two friends and then asks friend 2 out and they start dating then he starts texting me telling me he's only dating friend 2 to get her through a tough time and tells me he loves me and that he wants to marry me and have kids and talks about the pets we have then all of a sudden stops texting me, continues dating my friend until they break up months later, and began referring to me as the biggest loser, dork, nerd, etc in the school and uggliest person and come to find out while he was dating friend 1 he texted friend 2 in the same way as he did with me

    Other example: first time i see this guy i wanted to be with him, got to know him, developed a huge crush on him, he told me he liked 2 people and i liked 2 people at the time (him A LOT more than the other) and we told each other 1 of the people we liked and then my friend discreetly told him i liked him (and he had guessed before then) and gets him to tell her that he likes me but when we were hanging out at a debate tournament he spends all his time texting this other girl who everyone thinks is a slut and ignores me to text her and then asks her out through texts and afterwards comes over to me and tries to hang out with me and he thought everything was fine between us >:(

    Through those experiences and others I have come to pretty much give up on love and it just makes it worse when I hear stories of other jerk guys when i answer questions and from my friends

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    No, your actually right. It seems like there's no good guys left. Love is over rated, for sure!

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