How do I have sex with my friend(s)?

Now, before anything, I want you to answer something you would be willing to do in my situation. Okay, I am in middle school and I haven't told anyone, but I'm gay. I don't know if my friends are gay or not because I don't know if they are afraid of coming out of their shells like I am. They're hot, not just by face but they are slim and not many but a couple are even muscular. I want sex with them, because I don't know why but gays are about sex. If I don't know if they're gay or not, and I don't know if they even want to have sex with me, how do I get them to have sex with me? A few act straight but always eye me or half-joking say they are gay with me and we should have sex, and then they laugh and I laugh and we go about our business or continue our conversation. Please don't say, "Your too young for sex" because I know some of you are thinking that. If you are going to say that, just go to another question. Thank you!


Actually, I'm not too young to post things on YA. I am over the age of 13. My school district is different.

Update 2:

Well, that's the thing. They are good dudes, don't get me wrong, but we aren't that close and we haven't built up a strong friendship, so I don't think I would ruin any friendship we started. I am a kid and I am trying to figure stuff out, but please just let me do this, and please give useful tips.

Update 3:

No, I didn't get held back a bunch! In my district, 7th grade is middle school!

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  • Tyler
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    9 years ago
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    You said nothing along the lines of, "They are really great guys and I'd like this connection with them". Instead, you only focused on your looks and are allowing your sexual orientation to define you as well as just thinking with your little head. Frankly, I think you only want to use them. So not only are you too young *rereads part that says middle school*'re WAY too young, but I find it difficult to respect when someone only thinks about sex and says nothing about why they want sex other than looks and the fact that they're horny.

    Edit: Uh, yeah, I was over the age of 13 in middle school too (8th graders are typically 14).

    Source(s): I'm 20, I've observed a thing or 2.
  • Red
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    9 years ago

    I'm not going to say "Your too young for sex", mainly because that's grammatically incorrect. Technically, YOU'RE too young for sex.

    "My school district is different."

    So you got held back a bunch? Rough dude.

    Sorry, school districts don't get randomly restructured that way, because that's not how the Department of Education has things set up. Only way your school district is different is if you live in some small farming community where there's one school to teach K-12, and I seriously doubt you do.

    Here's a better idea: Come with a reason why you SHOULD have sex with them that isn't motivated by looks and horniness alone, because all that shows is extreme immaturity as a result of you entering puberty.

    "I am a kid and I am trying to figure stuff out"

    Ah, good, I was hoping you'd arrive at that conclusion, so let's get down to the main point here: There is NO POSSIBLE way to make your friends want to have sex with you. It can't happen. It's not possible. Either they want to sleep with you or they don't. And here's the thing, I'd bet money they don't want to. Most 13 year olds - or however old you are - don't think about having sex. I'm honestly wondering why you are, because there's a big difference between the horniness normaly attributed to puberty, and then there's this kind of psychological drive to have sex with people close to you.

    I'm not trying to play Frued here, but something is up. No offense, but you need help, you DON'T need to be trying to f*ck your friends.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Kid, you're in middle school.

    Of course you don't want to hear this, but -- WHO SAYS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO HAVE SEX WITH YOUR FRIENDS?

    Also, yes, YOU ARE TOO YOUNG.

    You're also too young to be posting here on YA.

    Keep it in your pants, hot stuff.

  • 9 years ago

    sex gets way too much hype. the real greatest pleasure in life is italian food, and dont let any of those teenage dipshits tell you different.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    excuse you, gays aren't just about sex. i get sick & tired of people saying that, maybe you are but i'm not. & i don't know, ask them if they would really wanna try experimenting with you. they probably do when they just "joke" about it.

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