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How do I keep my back leg straight when doing a split?

Ok, so i've been wanting to know how to do a split and i have been practicing since like last year. I've been doing stretches to improve my flexibility and that HAS helped a lot. But whenever I try to do a split, my back leg keeps bending and my knee keeps touching the ground first and Idk what i'm doing wrong. When I try to do a split, it doesn't hurt bcus I've gotten more flexible. But I just don't understand why my back leg wont stay straight. PLZZZ HELP ME AND GIVE ME SOME TIPS ON WHAT TO DO!!


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    this must mean that you are not square. try doing a square split, good drills are bending you leg, putting it up against a wall, then sliding into your split. the reason this does not hurt is because you are stretching it the wrong way. dont worry, this is easy to fix.

    Source(s): im a gymnast myself!
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