I finally realized what a jerk I was and I want this girl to know?

I am 16 and she is 17

Okay so let me go back to the beginning:

Beginning of the year (August), I was getting close with my friend Rachel, we had a moment on the bus where we had intense kissing, and at the time, I was a pig, all I thought about was sex, all I wanted was sex and I didn't care about relationships or about feelings that girls had all I care about was hooking up. Around September, we had gained mutual feelings for each other but I didn't want a relationship, I wanted sex from her and at the time I didn't realize it but it had bothered her, she was throwing hints at me that this was splitting us but I didn't realize it, we would message each other and she always never wanted to do anything, and she just forgot about me

Several months had past and I have changed and become a better person because of it, I started realizing that sex is a privilege, not a given right.

So last weekend, was the first time since September that she had texted me. She asked me how I was and the conversion was nice, and then she asked me if I still thought about that time on the bus, we started talking more and this time we actually took a walk around the neighborhood (we live near each other) We talked and she realized that I have changed significantly as a person and we had re-gained feelings for each other. That afternoon she asked if we could talk alone somewhere, so I brought her back to my house, alone. She told me that the time on the bus meant alot and she wished that we could go back. She then kissed me and we started making out which then led to us finally sleeping with each other. (I realized that it was worth waiting, you need to treat a girl right to earn that privilege) After that, we never had a chance to talk about the things that happened during the time she was mad at me.

She is typically always busy and now I want to start a relationship with her, but I went on facebook and looked at all these messages from August and September and me being this new person made me wanna throw up, seeing that I had said all those things, I want to let her know that I am sorry for all those things I did, how should I tell her and let her know about everything single thing that has happened and that I want all those things.

For example: She wrote in September that one day she was upset because a guy she liked didn't wish her happy birthday, I realized today that it was me who forgot



I just thought she wanted to talk and no one was at my house at the time so I took her theree

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    9 years ago
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    write a nice letter confessing your mistakes and tell her you were wrong. you realized that. and you are sorry for that from your heart. if she luvs u, she will give u a chance. if not. move on. by the way, when she wanted to go to some quiet place with you, at some lonely place. why did u take her to ur home? u still thinking abt sex. isnt it? there r so many quiet lonely beautiful place out there. why your house? first try to know what u actually want.

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  • 9 years ago

    being a girl, i can say that i am SOOO happy that you realized that you shouldn't treat girls like that! It won't get you anywhere unless the girl is skanky which will lead to much more baggage, like stds. i can speak from experience when i say that it totally hurts your self-image and makes you want to vomit when a guy talks to you like that.

    i think it would be an GREAT idea to go get her a card from the store and write your apology inside. tell her what your apologizing for and that you really do like her. Maybe attach it to a box of candy or a flower.

  • U got the pussy bro thts all u need in the life nah jk..but I think u Shld just tell her in person man just say I was a jerk back then but I've truly changed now

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    4 years ago

    you have already stated plenty. go forward and tell her something. she would be able of in all probability savor which you even remember the flaws you pronounced back then. reliable for you for starting to be a greater suitable guy or woman and you're fortunate to be getting a 2d danger.

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    9 years ago

    Good for you

    tell her in a card poem or letter. if you do it shows her you made an effort! even if she doesn't forgive you she will later and remember you for it and not curse guys the rest of her life

    do it

  • 9 years ago

    She knows you've changed; message her and tell her that you reread your messages and were feeling red faced because you were such a complete jerk, but you've changed and hope she realizes that.

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