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Birth Control Question..need advice please.?

I stopped taking birth control when i got my period (i was halfway finished with the last row of sugar pills). Does that mean I will get another period soon? I just stopped last week. What will happen next?

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    I don't quite understand your question, but taking birth control regularly will regulate your period. The sugar pills are just there to help remind you to take the birth control when your period is over. You don't have to take them at all, so taking some and then stopping halfway through the row shouldn't make a difference when your period starts and stops. However if you are taking bc regularly, I advise you to finish your last pack of up until the placebos before stopping altogether. This way it should reduce the risk of an unbalance in hormones that may therefore irregulate your periods.

    So, if you stopped taking the placebos halfway through the last row when your period started, you'll be fine. If you wish to stop birth control altogether, this would be the time to do so. If you wish to continue using the bc, just start a new pack when your period stops.

    I hope this answers your question if I understood it correctly, I apologize if it doesn't!

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    i circulate to assume which you're in an undeveloped u . s . it relatively is unfamiliar with "the pill." beginning administration would be used to stay away from being pregnant. Many types exist. there is organic beginning administration that is composed of charting a woman's cycles and abstaining on the days she is likely to conceive. Very unreliable. There are condoms (additionally familiar as rubbers or prophylactics). If worn right (via the guy), they're extremely sturdy. there is the sponge and the IUD. the two are extremely sturdy besides. there is likewise the pill. whilst right taken, that's the main sturdy variety of beginning administration. yet no style is a hundred% sturdy. You & your fiancee would desire to speak to a well-being-care expert and characteristic your questions right replied.

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    sometimes it means you could last longer when i did it thats what happend and then your hormones get out of wack

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