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I have two questions about my Pandigital eReader?

My first question is:

1. How do you download music onto a Pandigital eReader?

My second question is:

2.When my Pandigital eReader is plugged in, I CAN'T use the touch screen. When it isn't plugged in, I CAN use the touch screen.

Oh and I have the Pandigital eReader 7", 4GB

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    1) download music to computer. Connect tablet to computer with USB cable. Right click on musc and Drag & Drop to tablet. Select copy here. DO not use move. DO not copy to clipboard.

    2) By pugged in you mean USB. That device is meant to be non functional when connected to USB. All actions are meant to be done using the computer.

    If you mean connected to a/c adapter, turn on first and then connect to adapter. It should work.

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