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How do I get my parents to understand that me and my guy friend just want to hang out?

I'm 15 and I have an older guy friend that I've known for over a year now. We are the best of friends but my parents completely disapprove of it. We are just friends, nothing more. My parents think we did stuff and my dads a cop so it's obvious how it went over, not good at all. We were banned from seeing each other but we still do...secretly. I don't want to keep it a secret what do I do?

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    I'm sure if given the chance to have sex with you, he wouldnt pass it up. It may seem like just friends no matter what. But guys will never stop surprising you. Not always in a good way.

    As for your parents ask if you two can hang out in open family areas. Or supervised. Invite him to watch a movie with your family.

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    It's a pain being young, no one respects what you have to say because you are young and think you too "immature" to understand. Don't listen to what anyone says, you're your own person. Even if you were more than friends there is nothing wrong with that either. Having a cop for a dad.. Sheesh.. You are stronger than I

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    Ask him if he wants to come over for dinner or something and have your parents meet him then they can see what he is like :)

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    9 years ago

    Your parents know his intentions.

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