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Swollen lymph nodes, bump behind ear, daily smoker.?

So I've smoked Cigarettes on and off for 6 years. With that said, for the past month my right lymph node on my neck has been swollen and now I have a bump behind my left ear that is a good size. I googled these things and both say it could be cancer. I am wondering if that is true and if not what could it be causing this?

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    Chris, YES that is true. Go to a physician and get checked. I would suspect you are in your early twenties, this being the case you may also be responding to a viral illness such as EBV, HPV, HSV, HIV, etc These are super common in young people as a result of varied social interaction and sex. The best thing to do at this point to get to the bottom of the swollen lymph nodes is to just visit your doctor for a physical and complete blood test set. This will help pinpoint the cause of your revved up immune system response.

    This is one bad thing about do-it-yourself medical diagnostics and treatment online; all aches, pains, lumps and bumps lead to cancer.

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    Bumps Behind Ears Lymph Nodes

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