I am going to prom with a girl, what all do I need?

I need to know everything I need to get for this prom, it's once in a lifetime i need it to be perfect

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    1 - tickets.

    I know a lot of girls now who want to pay for their own ticket, but ask her and see what she says. I know the rule of thumb is : whoever asks is the person that pays, but I think that saying is dumb and anyone should be allowed to pay. So tell her that you will pay for the tickets and see what she says. If she doesn't object, then be a gentleman and pay, if she does, settle on a compromise.

    2- group or solo.

    Usually people go with a group. You can go solo, but I always find that awkward unless you two are really good friends and don't feel embarrassed the entire night. Going with a group is an adage, because you have a group to dance with and eat dinner with too.

    3- transportation.

    Who's gonna drive? Again this goes back to the group or solo thing. If you're going solo, it's nice if you drive her, but it's alright to have a parent drive too. If you're going as a group, arrange to see whose parents can drive, or rent a limo/party bus. Those are usually expensive, so everyone pitches in and pays.


    The guy gets the corsage and the girl gets the boutonniere. You can buy a corsage from a flower shop, and they usually go with the color you two are wearing. For example, if she's wearing a purple dress, get her a purple corsage. Be sure to coordinate with her, so you guys can get similar colors. Or even better, both of you go to the florist, and buy it together.


    Go to a place where they will let you rent a tuxedo. Dates usually color coordinate so if she wears a purple dress, get a purple bow tie or purple vest.

    The night of prom -

    Just act normal. She agreed to go with you, so the hard part is over. :) Don't forget to bring breath mints/gum. OH, and you two have to slow dance together.

    Have a GREAT time!

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    She may in simple terms imagine of you as a pal and doesnt want to spoil your emotions by putting forward no. There also may be another guy she extremely likes and is making an attempt to move with. There are quite some motives she may not have responded you. i ought to ask her if shes concept about it because you requested and if she nevertheless doesnt furnish you with an answer than i ought to ask somebody else so that you definately have a date. If she extremely extremely became wondering about going with you she ought to have stated convinced prompt yet she would also be waiting so that you'll deliver it up agian.

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