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Tanning Bed Problems?

I have a few questions about tanning in a tanning bed! Yes I know very bad, skin cancer, etc. but I'm only getting in a few times!

1) If i get in a few minutes, get out and wait a few hours, can i get back in? How many times can i do this a day?

2) How long do i have to be in to get a decent tan?

3) can i get a decent tan by friday? :))


I have my own tanning bed at my house!:))

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    I work at a tanning salon so I know my tanning information pretty well.

    1.) You should not go tanning more than ONCE a day. If you do more than once it is super bad for your skin and you could get really really burnt. Plus, it is against the law to go more than once in a day! Any tanning salon you go to will have the once a day rule unless you have your own tanning bed at home.

    2.) Getting a decent tan takes TIME. It is all about how much melanin is produced in your skin while tanning from the UV rays

    3.) Most likely no, you probably will need to go at least for a month to get a decent base tan.

    Source(s): I work at a tanning salon
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