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Use polar coordinates to combine the sum below into one integral. Then evaluate this integral.?

[Integral from (1/sqrt(2)) to 1] * [Integral from sqrt(1-x^2) to x] of the function xy*dy*dx

added to

Integral from 1 to sqrt(2) * integral from 0 to x of the function xy*dy*dx

added to

Integral from sqrt(2) to 2 * Integral from 0 to sqrt(4-x^2) of the function xy*dy*dx

if you can help in any way that would be great!! I just need help on how to solve this problem.. should i just try graphing it first? And could you help me convert it to polar coordinates? thank You!

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    r in [ 1 , 2 ] , Θ in [ 0 , π / 4 ] of { r dr dΘ }..............{ 3π / 8 }

    and YES , you should have some type of sketch...

    to see that you desire the area of a section of a ring !

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