How do i get my ex to date me again?

SHe dated me just so i would leave her alone and i didnt know that but i love her. She acts like a kid. But i dont care. I want her to date me again because i love her and i know she likes me. Because i liked this other girl after me and her broke up and she got jealous when i showed her what i wrote her. Me and her have a lot in common. I loved her since 5th grade and im in 8th now soon to he in 9th grade. She is in all my classes and i sit by her i help her i talk to her. One of my friends wants me to date this other girl but i cant move on. Atleast Not intill 9th grade then i will move on. So how can i get her to date me again???? Please help me out and thanks everyone who helps.

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  • 9 years ago
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    it's over, stop being so desperate and move on.

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