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Does dating get easier as you get older?

So, my question is, for guys, does finding a girl get easier as you get older? I'm 19 right now in college and I swear (and maybe it's just the particular college I go to, maybe not all colleges are like this) that all of these girls are just at it to "have a good time" or "party it up" or whatever..........

I can think of a single girl in my age group who is mature, thinks in the long-term, and wants a relationship. I hate to say it, but I'd say that practically all of them just want to party and screw around with fratboys, jocks, and various other assorted douchebags.

The reason I ask is because I have met girls who are much older than me, most of whom in their mid to late 20s and these girls are entirely different. Many of them have exactly what I am looking for, mature, focused, thinking in the long-term. They aren't obsessed with losers but are actually looking for guys who haven't screwed up their lives (what a shocker!).

It just seems to me like there is no effort dealing with these immature little 18 and 19 year old college girls. And before someone chimes in with "well I'm sure not all of them are like that" trust me, they are all like that.

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    it does!

    you get to know what you like and what you can't be bothered with any more! what may of been attractive previously like hot girls with hair extensions and a tonne of make up is replaced with

    wholesome girls with natural hair and average to medium looks

    you may of liked the hard to get girl to now the easy to get. The most popular to the most unpopular. The skinniest to the most chubbiest

    One who was loud and obnoxious to one who is shy

    age varies, you may of liked younger now older

    you know because you are settled and haven't the time or patience for most previously and now seek a new challenge


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    I don't think dating ever gets easier, the types of obstacles or challenges change, but the difficulty seems to remain the same,

    I think it's just your age range. Most girls in their teen years or early 20's are often very party-driven and wanting to have a good time. They usually settle down in their mid-20's, like you have noticed. If you're looking for a more mature woman to have a serious relationship with, date older women, they are wiser and more mature naturally and you'd have way more in common with them, than you would with those party girls.

    I wish you all the best of luck (:

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    Yup when you were younger u probably liked those types of girls haha but some people mature faster than others and in your case thats good for you most girls like mature guys and ones who party but not all the time and the settle type its just a matter of time for you and dont go to late in the age try getting someone 20-23 maybe you dont want to get to old haha :p

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    Dating does not get easier, nor does finding mature people. It's hard to find someone who is stable and has manners and a sense of decency. It's sad, but true.

    But they certainly are out there. Just keep your chin up and you will find a girl.

    Us ladies feel the same way, trust me :/

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    Nope it don't get easier...I love ALL women !! they have a ...sensitive.. game playing nature...that we guys love...these games that our women play are serious ones !! they are the BEST at it...the games continue on thru their lives in one fashion or another,as do our gaming response !! We Must Play the Game of Mankind !! Love is a treasure that gets pirated from us from time to time..and we have to find another ship and treasure !! It does NOT matter how old the treasure is,it matters that we MUST search and posses such treasures... a wonderful global circumnavigation of PASSION !!

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    Maybe you should seek out women whom are in their mid twenties. I hope you can get the maturity level there.

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    nope it never gets easier

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