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What is a good diet to do when you want to lose weight fast?

What are the foods I can eat and what are some excercises I can do?

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    Losing 10 lbs a month is a good and safe target. Any faster weight loss is likely to be temporary only and in most cases you regain it all.

    Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, push ups, sit ups, squats, brisk walking and power walking all help for weight loss but dieting helps more.

    You can always eat negative calorie foods for weight loss and below is a list of negative calorie foods that will boost your metabolism.

    Negative Calorie Fruits:











    Negative Calorie Vegetables:




    cabbage (green)




    Chile peppers (hot)




    garden cress


    green beans







    These foods don't actually have negative calories but when you eat these foods raw or slightly cooked your body burns more calories digesting and processing them than what is in the food itself.

    For a healthy weight loss add some of these foods to your diet each day. Most of them are full of healthy nutrients.


    Web search for "list of negative calorie foods"

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    starvation but DO NOT DO THT! because if you did then like the other would lose hair and nails along with the weight. but an equally effective way of losing weight is a simple 6 small meals a day diet... i tried this a couple of years worked realy well but then last year i gained the weight back on because i would eat emotionally, but then i slowly started losing weight because i pretty much stopped eating, it got to a point where i couldnt put on weight even if i wanted to effectively lose weight and keep it off stay with 6 small meals and stay away from fatty foods, fatty meats, chips chocolate and any other confectionary u can think of - stay away! and drink plenty of water and if u have desert than try and stick with just fruit and yougurt of frozen youghurt instead of ice-cream.

    i hope this helps you :) goodluck xxx

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    First off, if that one guy who answers with the same thing "Here get my book on weight loss" I'm gonna scream. Seriously, you aren't helping anyone, but only annoying people who won't buy your book and just want advice.


    Alright, HERE WE GO. First off, I need to know you're height and weight to see if you even need to lose weight. Also, what you need to lose fat on. By a guess if you're a little heavier, just do some cardio (i.e. running/jogging, dancing, etc.). If you can't do full on running just do intervals of 1 minute running followed by 1 minute running and keep repeating that. Every week add on 1 minute to the running but DO NOT add any to the walking, if anything just slowly decrease it until you're just running. You can do crunches/sit ups if you wish, as they will help strengthen your abdominal muscles. Go on exercise machines such as an elliptical, or simply go on a bike ride to places that aren't far. Walk as much as possible instead of car/other kind of travel. Some good workouts are Insanity, P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam and anything on .


    For a diet.

    I don't use one, because my daily intake is very high 2500 calories (I exercise a lot) and I just can't give up anything. But, for you I recommend anything low in calories like of course vegetables, fruits, fish (protein!!!), and anything good for you! Don't worry, small snacks like Cheese Its or Pudding as long as you don't over eat it. You can eat the unhealthy things like McDonalds, Burgar King etc. Just don't every day, have it as like something special and have it once every month or more. You can splurge a day, but don't eat too much, or you can just work a lot off that day to even it out.


    Hope I helped!

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    Don't "diet", but simply eat healthy. Get rid of the packaged foods and all the sugary soft drinks or simple carbohydrates. Eat oatmeal, whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Portion size it so that you won't eat too much but not too little. Drink 8 cups of water a day if you can and start exercising. Exercise is key!

    Source(s): i lost 15 pounds! yaya i now run 6 miles almost everyday
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    --Cut out sodas and simply stick with ingesting water. Once in a at the same time you'll have a soda so you're no longer depriving your self. --Try to reduce on top sugar meals. As I recounted above you'll have your favourite top sugared meals as soon as in a at the same time however for essentially the most facet they have got to be reduce out. If a individual deprives themself 'bloodless turkey' then they get worn out in their vitamin and stop. --Add extra greens and culmination into your vitamin. --Add extra activity on your every day movements. Exercise a minimum of 30mins every day if you'll. Or possibly for three days for an hour. Its well to include aerobic/force/stretching in an activity movements. This is helping supply your frame an total exercise and burns energy. --Determine your calorie consumption. I have no idea your heigh/weight/age (b/c that may aid investigate). But Calorie Intake < Calories Burned is how you're going to shed extra pounds. Do Not Eat LESS than 1200 energy every day b/c then your frame will cross into emergency mode and your metabolism will sluggish down and you're going to no longer shed extra pounds. --There are matters equivalent to flax seed meal and wheat germ that you'll alternative in meals or upload to meals which include plenty of fiber/protein to aid hold you complete and no longer short of to snack at all times. --The first week in a vitamin is customarily the toughest b/c your frame has to regulate and get use on your new movements. You would possibly or possibly no longer see weight reduction within the first week. So don't get discouraged, the burden loss will occur!

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    Starvation is by FAR the most effective way to lose weight......

    OH, and you lose fingernails and hair TOO!!! It's a three in one!

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    Keep a food journal and weight yourself regularly to track your progress

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    swap out brown rice or quinoa yes even the new super food which both add up to about 220 calories per cup for cauliflower or roasted peppers that are only about 30 calories per cup

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    Chew thoroughly chewing each bite 30 times before swallowing

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    think ahead to how youll eat and exercise on the weekends its easy to get too relaxed on saturdays and sundays but healthy living is a 7 day a week endeavor

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