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I am wanting to start a band and/or join one.?

I have been wanting to sing ever since I was the age of 14, but I've never been given the chance. Sure, my parents have told me that they said I could, but they never helped, or taken the time to help me. They've always been bent on helping the others in our family.

Alright, now here's the question. Actually, I have several questions, but my first one is. How would I be able to find bands who are seeking another member? I sing and I have tried to play the guitar, but I stopped after about a month, because the school wasn't really helping me and playing the guitar isn't really my passion. It's singing. Always has been and always will be. I write my own songs.

Now, if you don't know of anyone seeking a band member. I would need help forming a band. I've written up several hand written contracts. Band names, band members, what they would be playing.. ext... ext..., but that was all when I was younger, being that the people who wanted to help form the band, either moved or dismissed the whole 'being in a band dream', but I haven't.

I never will. As it is right up there with my dream to becoming a writer.

Inspired by bands such as 30 Seconds to Mars, MCR, Good Charlotte, Jeffree Star, BOTDF, Skrillex, Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre and Falling in Reverse.

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    Well I don't think this will answer your question but I would love to be in a band as well! And just like you my major is singing and writing songs, well anyways Goodluck finding a great rock band! Also check out bands like Breaking Benjamin, Foo fighters, flyleaf, led zeppelin etc

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