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I need some hair health advice?

So I did some research recently and discovered that hot showers can do heat damage to your hair. If taking a hot shower compared to a warm shower truly does make such a big difference in the health of your hair, would applying heat protection before getting in the shower to my hair help at all with the amount of damage done or would it be a waste of time and just get rinsed out?

My second question is about switching out hair products. I heard that hair, like your body, can build up a tolerance for things. For example: Using something like fructis for a long time for a certain thing like protection would eventually stop working because your hair becomes immune to that certain hair product.

If this is true, how often should you change hair products out and does the time in which you can use it until it stops working vary on the product or its use?

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    as long as the water isn't like 200 degrees, you should be fine. don't worry about putting heat protectant. one, that doesn't make sense because you'll just wash it out, & two, the water shouldn't be that hot anyway. It should be normally warm. If you wash your hair with cold water, it does give it more of a shine, but it stunts your hair growth. So do not worry about the heat damage, just make sure that if you do apply heat after, such as a blowdrier, wait about 10 minutes after you washed & towel dried your hair until you start blowdrying. Let your hair sit for a while so that it can dry a little bit, it will come out better and smoother, less frizzy and easier to dry.

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