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Is it safe to feed my dogs food that ants have been on?

So today I found ants all over my dogs food in a bin I keep it in, I just ordered an air tight container at Walmart and will be picking it up tomorrow. But I really hate to waste the food I have by throwing it out if I don't have to, do you think it is safe?


When you ask if I would eat is my answer, I am not a dog, dogs eat cat ****, does that mean I should? Grow up and and give me an educated answer. Know your facts!

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    Ants aren't known to spread disease. I'd feed the food to my dog without hesitation.

  • I wouldn't use it, mostly because my dog could be allergic to the ant. If there are still ants in the food and one bites the dog then it could cause a serious allergic reaction. You would have to literally go through the whole bag or food piece by piece. But then there is always the wonder of where the ants have been so I would throw it.

  • 9 years ago

    If it were me I would toss it,goodness knows what those ants might have on them(pesticides)or what kind of disease(s) they could be carrying.The container is your best bet though,I haven't had one issue with ants since putting my dog's kibble in an airtight container.

  • 9 years ago

    You do know that ants defecate on food, right?

    So now would you eat your food if ants crawled on it? YUM!!!

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