Having ex problems! help?

me and my boyfriend brome up a week and a half who and he said he didn't wanna be friends.. but then he stills texts me and when we were texting last nite he called me babe and said he like when I called him boo? does he want to get back together or what?!

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  • Sue C
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    9 years ago
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    Just keep in mind the reason(s) he's your ex & don't forget them. THAT'S the most important thing. IF he wants to be "single" then there's a reason for it. Just don't set yourself up for even more hurt & disappointment. If he's bothering you, don't reply back to him. Put the past in the past & more forward with your life. Your past is forever gone, but your future is still your own...best to you, honey...:)

  • 9 years ago

    Nope. Unless he says "Staci", I love you and would like to be back together, then he is just flirting. He likes the benefits of being with you without the commitment. If you are not down with that program, tell him to hit the curb.

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