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can i get my money back?

i recently had a car amplifier installed at a local shop. my car has bose audio in it, and in order to keep the stock radio it required the stock subwoofers to be unhooked and use those outputs for the amplifier and my aftermarket subs. i was just out in my car, and noticed my left rear door speaker doesnt work. and the stock subwoofers are still hooked up. AKA they didnt feel like running another line so they just used a door speaker output thinking i wouldnt notice. ALSO THEY DIDNT HOOK MY SONS CARSEAT BACK UP AND I PUT HIM IN IT AND WAS DRIVING AROUND AND NOTICED HE WAS FALLING ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!! What should i say and do and what is the company's liability?

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    I can't help you as far as the installation goes. What I can tell you though is that it is absolutely NOT their responsibility to make sure your carseat is installed properly.

    As a parent, you are the only person who can take responsibility for an improperly installed carseat. There are many instances where your child's seat may be removed (car wash, mechanics, body shop, etc). It's your responsibility as a parent to always ALWAS double-check the installation of your carseat every time you put your child in the car. Your failure to do so is no one else's fault.

    The company has zero liability as far as the carseat is concerned.

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    go back to audio store and have them

    fix it correctly. if not stand out front

    and tell every one that comes in of

    the messed up repairs they did.

    as for car seat that is your responsibility

    to check frequently .

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