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Do you think this was a sign from God? Thanks?

I'm a strong believer in God and things have been a little strange lately. I'm 19 and I got my first car almost two years ago. I was a very risky driver and my mom always told me to be a better driver. One night I was driving down the road being a risky driver and kind of speeding then I turned in front of another driver and ran them off the road. They did not crash but I was scared and tried to runaway in my car but the other driver came flying down the road after me. I pulled the car over and he yelled at me about how bad a driver I was. After that I called my mom and told her what happened and she said it was my warning from God to drive better. The very next day I was being a risky driver again and did not listen to my mom then I had a really bad accident and injured three people. I felt so bad and immediately I thought about what my mom said. There's so much more stuff that happened to that seemed like it was a sign to be a better driver. Why would I get in a accident like this and could this have been a sign from God to drive better? Thanks

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    I personally think God cares more about your heart and attitudes then your actions because Jesus hung around tax collectors and "sinnners". But I don't think that it is very wise to be risky in driving cause things like that happen. It could have been, it could have just been events but remember that God causes all things to happen because He is Sovereign.

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    You were stupid, got luck once, and then it caught up with you.

    O.K. Let's think about this for a minute. . . . God is supposed ot be all knowing and all powerful. So, he knows what will make you stop being a risky driver without harming anyone else. He is powerful enough to make this happen.

    So, if God exists then he sends you a sign that He knows will fail to change your behaviour, and then lets you injure three people - when he knew how to prevent this and was able to do so.

    "There's so much more stuff that happened to that seemed like it was a sign to be a better driver." Yes, absolutely. Because when you are a bad driver you take risks. When you take risks you get a lot more close calls and accidents. This is the natural universe working as normal here. No God.

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    Everyone has extraordinary methods of decoding matters they revel in established on private ideals, for my part as an atheist myself there is no intent to consider that a bigger vigor took the time to place the dealers existence at danger as a way to deliver you a signal. Edit: It's uncover that you simply feel, that is not any one else's alternative however yours however we could consider approximately this for a moment. For what rationale, could a god that is by and large related to an all loving nature positioned the individual that used to be going to promote you a automobile at danger of harm or worse to deliver you exceptionally a signal? I use to feel in god myself, and realise wherein you are coming from however earlier than due to the fact divine intervention you will have acquired to take ordinary feel under consideration! Car crashes are ordinary, the wasn't some thing tremendous approximately your revel in that does not occur each different minute of the day. Like acknowledged above, all of us have our possess interpretations of parties we see and revel in however truthfully what you will have simply mentioned sounds really foolish.

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    There are no signs from imaginary entities.

    You'd be best to become a skeptic.

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    Wow, I've never hoped so much in my life that someone was a troll.

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