What do you think? Opions and thoughts please kinda loong?

So I meet this guy last Saturday at a base ball game. He was one of the players. He lives in California but travels across the USA to play. He just so happend to come to Texas were I live to play. They had this autograph thing with the players before the game ans that's when I first meet him. We flirted but he was drug away by a friend before I could ask for his number. Science his autograph had his name on it I found him though a mutual friend on facebook. We flirted some more and he asked for my number Wich we exchanged. On Sunday he was suposed to leave but due to car trouble he didn't. So I offered for us to go bowling and hang out Wich we did. We got to know eachother somemore and I felt like we really clicked. Science I had only known him for a very little bit our parents meet eachother and we all whent out to dinner before the bowling. The end of the night we said goodbye knowing I might never see him again his car was suposed to be fixed by Monday. Te car didn't get fixed so Monday he asked me to go ice skating. I accepted we held hands flirted and had a good time. He asked me out that night I said yes. When he held my hand everything just clicked. We connected super good and it was like we knew eachother. On wendsday he ended up leaving. We got to talking and he told me I believed I was the one. He told me how perfect he thought I was and how his mom couldnt stop gping on how she highly approved. My mom and dad were the same way the loved him. I think I may be young and this could jut be my feelings talking but I love him. I believe in love at first sight. He told me on Tuseday he loved me. We talk constantly I trust him to not wander with other girls wile he's gone. My family and his family both know were dating. Me ans him have already talked about out views on kids and marriage and firer careers. We want to get married one day. We were think of telling our parents at our 6 month aneversery we are in love. And have a small wedding as soon as we turn Wich

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think you're taking this at light speed.

    I think you should slow down and wait and get to know him more than just a handful of dates.

    Finally, I think you need to hope and pray his car doesn't break down again because he might get stuck somewhere else long enough to not see you again.

    P.S. -- This really is a singles and dating question but heck, I answered it anyway because the others are sometimes mean about posting in the wrong categories.

  • 9 years ago

    YOu can fall in love quickly. If your parents met each other then it sounds like he really likes you. You moved quick with the Facebook locating! Props to you on that. Anyway, I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months and love him dearly. Ou parents haven't yet but he's met my parents and Ive met his on the phone(also a long distance romance:) We clicked the first night we met. So be careful still but enjoy the ride! Don't beat yourself up for giving love a chance, even if it doesn't work out. And don't ignore any red flag that may come up. Don't feel weak for having moments that you don't trust him either, because you still have to consider the fact that you just met him. Just be open and honest and communicate everything. This sounds exciting, have fun!!

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