HELP my neighbor told my mom my boyfriend and i were "in a hot situation" in front of his kids!?

Ok here is the situation, my little sister brought in two of her friends to play dress up with her while i was cooking dinner and when they went down stairs a child's dad came over and saw my boyfriend and i hugging (he was behind me and had his hands on my hips and i was cooking but had a hand on his neck) and he asked for his girl to come home and later called my mom and said that my boyfriend and i were "in a hot situation" and now i am extremely embarrassed and sent my boyfriend home. i am so mad, and embarrassed, and would like some advice please.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Dunno why you're mad or embarrassed... me personally would just laugh my *** off because saying "In a hot situation" is hilarious!

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