Piercing laws in Florida...?

I live in Mississippi and I'm 15 years old. I wanted to get a belly piercing, but the law is that in Mississippi you cannot get a body piercing or tattoo even with parent consent until you're 18. My family and I are taking a trip down to Florida this summer and I was hoping I could get one there with them. Florida law does allow me to have a belly piercing (as long as I have written consent and presence of my guardian) but can I get it even though I'm a citizen of Mississippi?

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  • 9 years ago
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    that is a link to the florida department of health website and their FAQ's. It does not say that you have to be a Florida resident it just states that your parent or guardian needs to be present if you are under the age of 16. but just b/c that is what the law says does not mean that anybody will give you a piercing. the place that i go will not pierce minors period...even with parental consent. which i completely agree.

    you're not missing out on anything. i have tats and have had belly button and tongue piercings and it's really not a big deal. not something that you need to get until you turn 18.

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    5 years ago

    Here in Ontario Canada you can be 16 and get any piercing you want as long as it's not the nipples or the vulva (due to them being private areas of a young female and the piercers don't want to get charged for sexual assault of a minor) but dudes can have their nipples pierced at 16. For tattoos you have to be 18. Parental consent is acceptable if 16 or 17. But they have to be there, they do not take phone calls or notes. Your sister will have to provide proof that she is your mother, which could be done but they might ask for her ID and see that she would have had to of gotten pregnant at 10 years old to have had you. You could lie and say that you live with your sister and your parents are not in the picture (dead, ditched, druggies, etc.)and your sister is cool with the tattooing. But other than that, you'll have to rely on the lenience of the staff of the place you are getting your tats at. I know it's sh!tty but what can you do? :\

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    9 years ago

    You are a resident of Mississippi, and a citizen of the United States. As such, you should know that jurisdiction is the physical space. While one is in Mississippi, the laws of the state of Mississippi apply to him or her. While one is in Florida, the laws of the state of Florida apply to him or her. Where a person was born, or anywhere they have previously visited, ceases to be relevant.

    Don't skip any more civics classes, kid. ;)

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