How can I connect my wifi enabled CPU to my Sony Google TV Wirelessly?

My desktop computer is a HP, it is wifi enabled. I also have a Sony Google TV and I would like to know if there is anyway to connect them? My CPU does not have an HDMI port, and the TV only has USB, HDMI and Component. I have no cables that will work between the two, so I was wondering if there was anyway to just connect them wirelessly? Is it something I need to buy or is there an app I can download on the tv and computer? Thanks ahead of time!


Pardon me. I mean, Desktop. 0.o

I'm looking for a way to do it wirelessly if at all possible...?

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    9 years ago
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    Read the TV manual. It should talk about the different choices on how to connect to the Internet. It might already have WiFi built in or it might need a WiFi adapter. I do NOT know if a generic WiFi to USB adapter will work since I have always used the one put out by the TV's manufacturer.

    You will also want some kind of wireless access point, like a router with WiFi in it. You should still use the Ethernet on the computer, but the router will control the connection to the TV, once you get the TV on WiFi.

    Be sure to enable security on the WiFi since it is an entry point into the computer's network.

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    9 years ago

    CPU =/= Desktop Computer

    CPU is Central Processing Unit. Your desktop has a CPU on it's motherboard inside it. It is not a CPU itself.

    You could use an HDMI to DVI or VGA adapter.

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