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Girls only is it really so bad for guys to wear Uggs?

I am a guy who wears them and I do not know what the big deal is. They were originally men's boots. Just because women started wearing them does not make them girly all of the sudden. Plus they are so warm and comfy. And if girls wear masculine shoes like Jordan's or those manly Timberland boots, I do not see what's wrong with guys wearing something originally made for men.

Also Uggs are not feminine looking. They are Ugly and make girls feet and thighs look big. They look like Viking boots. all those are masculine traits. I never associated them with being feminine looking.

I have heard some girls say they could never date a guy who wore Uggs. Girls could you really not date someone for their footwear. That is so crazy to me. Also is it an instant turn off if a guy does wear them. Everyone should be able to enjoy the comfort of Uggs.

I only wear my Uggs in fall and winter and when it's cold in spring, I wear them with my pants tucked in (not sure if that matters). But I never saw the problem, I think they are so comfy.

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    People should be less judgemental. I see nothing wrong for a guy to wear UGGs. They actually look kind of nice when guys wear them. Its unique that guys wear Uggs because all you see are vans chucks jordans and nikes. I have guy friends that wear Uggs and they look nice. Guys in my school are starting to wear them, so if you like Uggs and feel them comfy in them, **** everyone and wear them.

  • 9 years ago

    To me, Uggs are universal, so I wouldn't be bothered by men wearing them. Don't listen to the girls that are judgmental like that, they're probably just shallow.

  • lol no of course not ! everyone is different and i see alot of guys wearing UGGS ! and be happy you have UGGS thats a really good mark and if you want to wear UGGS THEN WEAR IT

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